Red Vein Removal

Short wave diathermy is the most effective treatment for spider or thread veins and broken capillaries on the face. Therefore results are very impressive. What many people find surprising is that results are instant although some healing time is necessary after the treatment. Skin will look red and flaky for up to one week.

Ideal for treatment of :

  • Red veins on the facial area (not legs)
  • Spider Nervi
  • Broken Veins around the nose
  • Skin tags (small)
  • Milia (small white spots around eyes)

Diathermy for red vein removal carries none of the photo sensitivity risks associated with IPL laser for red vein removal and it is considerably less expensive which is why many dermatologists recommend this treatment to their patients.

LEGS: Diathermy is not suitable for the legs as the underlying feeder vein are too deep to reach. For the treatment of varicose veins, please contact your GP for a referral to a vascular surgeon.

Advantages of Diathermy For Red Vein Removal

  • Less expensive than laser
  • No risk of hyper pigmentation
  • Usually 1 - 3 treatments is sufficient
  • Fast and accurate
  • Ideal for men and women

Diathermy Results

Diathermy is the most effective method for the removal of broken capillaries, red veins, thread veins and spider neavi on the face. During treatment the blemish is cauterised or "zapped. There is no guesswork. No expensive courses to follow. There is no waiting. Results are instant and in most cases a second treatment is not necessary. In cases where there is extensive broken capillaries on the nose and cheeks, a course of treatment is sometimes required. But for many people who have one or two superficial thread veins around the nose or on the cheeks, one treatment is often sufficient.

How Does Diathermy Work?

A very thin needle or probe which is no bigger than an eyelash, is very gently pressed into the thread vein. A tiny zap, sends electrical impulses deep into the broken red vein. This stops the blood from entering into it and so renders it obsolete. The treatment lasts for up to 20 minutes but sometimes less time is needed depending on the area to be treated.

What To Expect After Diathermy Red Vein Removal

After Diathermy the treated area will develop a small white scab. This is caused by the gathering of lymphatic material and it is absolutely normal. The most important thing to remember is that this scab should be left alone to fall off by itself. It should not be picked or disturbed by any means. It resembles dry skin and is nothing more noticeable than that.

The treated area may look somewhat red for up to 48-72 hours. Savlon cream should be applied twice a day with clean fingertips in a patting motion. Use co-enzyme Q10 serum to prevent further breakages.

  • No make up for 24 hours.
  • No microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser or derma pen skin needling for at least 2 weeks after diathermy treatment.
  • No harsh toners or alcohol based products to be used on the skin
  • Do not scratch the area.
  • Use sun protection factor 50 on your skin if you are outdoor.
  • Never underestimate the winter weather and its affect on your skin.
  • Change pillow cases
  • No touching of the treated area
  • Wash hands

Red veins are dilated capillaries that have ruptured. They can occur at any age and can affect any skin type. Of course they are more common as we age. Frequently they occur on the cheeks, bridge of the nose and under the eye. The causes are varied. Sun damage, alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee, spicy foods, alternating weather temperatures, working outdoors, living in hot climates and high steroid products may contribute to these unsightly skin blemishes.

The good news is that diathermy can remove them in seconds. A very fine needle transmits a short way of electrical current which is used to cauterize the blood vessel, blocking blood flow. For extremely thick veins, a second or third treatment may be required but this is most unlikely.

Diathermy for red vein removal takes many years to master. It is a treatment that depends greatly on the skill of the practitioner. An experienced diathermy therapist can provide optimal treatment in minimum time with very little pain or downtime.

When clients undergo diathermy for red vein removal they have often tried many other forms of treatment first. That is perhaps why we hear one word again and again "WOW". It is really is just that easy with this highly effective short wave diathermy procedure.

Treatment Protocol for Diathermy Red Vein Removal

1 - 5 Treatments

Skin Tags

Diathermy can  successfully remove skin tags. These small flaps of skin are usually caused by friction against clothing and are common on the neck area and under arms. Smaller skin tags can be quickly removed with diathermy. Larger skin tags may require surgical removal by your doctor.

Spider Nearvi

Diathermy can  successfully remove Spider Naevi or broken veins. A broken vein that is caused by friction or an underpinning fractured bone. They are also commonly caused by the wearing of glasses on the bridge of the nose.


Diathermy can  successfully remove milia, small keratin deposits under the skin. Never attempt to extract these at home as scarring may results.